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04 January 2008

Barak Oba-mania!!

Barak Obama won the Iowa caucus!!!

see america, at least one state thinks that a black man can run the damn country... I'm not racist, but I am black and I can't deny that-- I want to see some one as intelligent as me, as articulate as me, has the same background as me, and looks like me make it. now Iowa is 94% white-- which means there are a lot of y'all that think Obama can make a hell of a good commander-in-chief too!

So my problem is where are the prominent blacks at? Other than Oprah, Will Smith, Danny Glover, I don't see any other prominent African-Americans saying anything about supporting him.

I've read his whitepapers, I know his voting record both as a US and state senator from Illinois. (I even got to talk to him back when he was running for senate in 2004--I would have voted for him if I could but I'm from St Louis, Missouri not East St Louis Illinois...) He is also the only candidate in both parties who didn't at ANY time vote for the war in Iraq.

Lastly for all y'all black folk that was sittin' on the fence because you didn't think he'd win anyway.... He won in Iowa man, damn! Give up the ghost and support the brotha!

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