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06 February 2008

Missouri, uncalled, called - Ben Smith's Blog - Politico.com

"HILLARY'S BIG NIGHT CONTINUES Southwest to Midwest, Clinton Picks Up Two More Toss Up States Two more closely contested toss-up states have gone for Hillary Clinton. MISSOURI Barack Obama outspent Hillary by $300,000 in TV ads in Missouri. He also benefited from the endorsements of high-profile surrogates across the state such as Representatives Carnahan and Clay, and Senator McCaskill, all of whom actively campaigned for him and appeared in ads on his behalf. Despite these challenges - and with the help of Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and Former Majority Leader Dick Gephardt - Hillary Clinton won this important toss-up state." --courtesy AP/Politico.com

Like I said, these people are living in a dream world. I am pleased to be from the Show-Me State tonight, a proud son of the City of St. Louis where over 150 years ago a court case was tried against a black slave fighting for his freedom and said that blacks were 3/5ths human... Now the voters in my city chose a black man by a large margin--2 to 1! I felt bad to be back home during my granny's condition, but this is definitely a bright spot here.
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