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25 February 2008

An Open Letter to members of the U.S. Congress about the FairTax...

Please read the FairTax books by Congressman Linder and Neal Boortz. Visit www.Fairtax.org and look at all the empirical data and research that has been done on this taxation system. I won't pretend to be an economist, but I have worked for the IRS and currently am employed by a large banking firm in the tax compliance section. I am behind the FairTax 100%--even if it means I'd be unemployed! It just makes more sense than the 65000+ page code I have to read in order to make sure my clients are within the boundaries of the law.

I vote independent, but lean just left of center--moderate democrat. PLEASE DEMOCRATIC SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN, don't for the love of our nation play the normal partisan game with this... Vote with your hearts and minds, actually read Linder's bill *YOURSELF* and then decide clearly if it makes sense or not. This can be the policy that makes America the best country to live in and restore confidence in our nation just like the New Deal did after the Great Depression. I invite any member of congress to call me personally if they need reasons why they should consider voting on the FairTax... I'll gladly take them on a tour of St Louis, MO--my hometown, or Atlanta GA, my home now. Show them how good hardworking Americans are jobless now with the vanishing of GM, Ford and Chrysler plants in both towns. Show them how it's cheaper to build ANYTHING overseas half a world away and ship it here to be sold, rather than build it across the street from the store it would be sold in here in AMERICA!

Lastly, some of you may have questioned my patriotism when people like me were against the war in Iraq... But now I question yours if you are against the FairTax. Think about that. I love my country, and 3 generations of my family have worn its uniform, even while fighting to be equals in this country (I'm afro-american) So now I pose this question to you--why be against something that would truly help restore the USA to glory and keep our hard earned dollars in this country and bring even more money, people, and RESPECT to us in the world... ...are YOU a PATRIOT?
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