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27 February 2008

watch out, Obama put on a TURBAN! We're dooooooomed!

ChapeauphobiaWhy the hell is it that Americans call ourselves the most progressive, inclusive, non-judgemental society on Earth, but let someone who just happens to be running for president be seen in a picture wearing the garb of the locals in a country he's visiting, and let that dress look like something certain "enemies of the state" would also be wearing, and then that person is labeled a "terrorist sympathizer".

This is nuts. Someone in the Clinton camp let a photo of Barack Obama while on tour in Somalia be misconstrued into him being associated with terrorists. Umm right, so that means that when I am in Japan, and dressed in a karate gi, or jinbe or men's kimono, that must mean I am a Asian Nationalist and if this were 1941, then I would be seen as a sympathizer too...

This is ludacris, and now it only shows that Clinton is grasping at straws--whatever it takes for her to win. She's no different then the Bush campaigns of 2000 and 2004 at this point. I'm not for that talk.
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