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04 February 2008

Obama and Clinton in DEAD HEAT!!!!

Barack Obama has surged to a statistical tie with Hillary Rodham Clinton in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, erasing a double-digit national lead she held just two weeks ago and turning the Democratic nomination race into a nail-biter.

The pair stood at Clinton 45%, Obama 44% in a snapshot of voter intent just two days before 22 states hold primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday.

On the Republican side, Arizona Sen. John McCain gained 11 percentage points for a decisive 42%-24% lead over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney...

...Obama gained 11 percentage points to erase Clinton's lead. The Illinois senator has been riding a wave of momentum since a landslide victoryin South Carolina's Jan. 26 primary. He's been collecting endorsements from Sen. Edward Kennedy and other prominent Democrats, and in January alone raised $32 million.


I saw Barak speak in St Louis last night at the Edward Jones Dome downtown. On the way there and back on the subway, I heard all sorts of different people here saying things like "he'd make a damn fine president" and "Kennedy like" and "not only bring some respect back into the white house, but also show other countries that America is over the tribulations and hangups of the last century" What surprised me was that those comments were from older white people... IN ST LOUIS!! I have always considered my hometown to be one of the most racially and economically divided cities in the country, but since I've been in Atlanta, they managed to elect a black county executive, and a woman senator. (They still need to recall that damn Mayor Slay for amongst other things demoting the african-american Fire Chief for no reason)
The crowd in St Louis was so mixed... I was truly amazed. people of all colors, and economic strata... But what really struck me was the number of people.... 20,000+ on the floor of the Ed Dome! Damn, I've never seen that many people come out to ANYTHING political before. Youngest I saw there was an 8 year old girl telling her daddy she liked what he could do about having better schools if Barak was president. The oldest I saw was my Grandma-- 84 years old and pulling me into the crowd so she could get a better view.
My faith in America not being sheep is very low, but I really hope these poll numbers translate into some deep thought Tuesday, March 5th, and in November. We aren't choosing a president anymore due to the mistakes of the past 8 years-- we are now choosing a path to take for the country. We either choose to heal ourselves and our image around the world, or we choose to sink further into despair and irrevocable chaos until we have no country worth fighting for.

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