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16 June 2008

My celestial darling.  そら住むの恋人。

I know you're gone.  And I know it was my fault.  Just know that not a single day has gone by since that time that I haven't wished I could change that day.  Its the only single regret I have had in this life. 

I told you before that you are a star waiting to shine, and if I only had one wish, it would be to be able to see you take your place in the sky so I can bask in your light. 

Now I fear I will never get to see that day.  And forever I search the starry heavens for your glow.

The emptiness my heart has, you'll never know.

No matter what I do...  I've climbed trees, then hills, then buildings, and mountains.  Even jumped out of a plane...  I can never get any closer to you than I was before. 

Won't you let me talk to you in the clouds once more?  

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