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26 August 2008

Michelle Obama Speech At The 2008 DNC Convention

What a good way to celebrate the last hours of my birthday than to see a beautiful, educated sister speak her mind about her life, husband and how he may bring about change. I don't care if you're black, white, red, yellow, brown or whatever shade-- if you've lived in the ghetto, or off in the cut (someplace in an undesirable area for those that aren't into slang) then you know what Mrs. Obama meant when she said "For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country." She didn't mean that she hates it here, she was just disappointed all those times. Hell I'm still disappointed on an almost daily basis when it comes to being an American, because I know our true potential and we aren't living anywhere close to it.

I am proud to be here and to be born into my culture; I've been to other places in the world and no one quite does it like we do it here. But there is room for improvement, and room for change. I truly believe we have had an 8 year backslide and now it's time to clean that mess up, restore our honor and remove the tarnish from our name.
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