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23 August 2008

Treo PRO!!!

3 words...


I've owned a Treo ever since the first one came out in 2000. It was a HUGE Treo 300. 8 years and 3 models later there have been lots of changes... My current Treo 700 doesn't run Palm OS, it runs Windows Mobile 6 (well it came with 5.0, but I hacked the firmware a few months ago to run 6) Its a little bit smaller, a whole lot faster, and does more than even the PC I had in 2000.

When I bought that first smartphone, only techno-nerds like me would be caught dead with one... Now if you don't have something that can jump on You-Tube, browse eBay, take pictures and videos, and play MP3s... Oh and take phone calls too, you're officially out of the "electronicly trendy in-club". How do you like that, I've actually gotten in on the beginning of something trendy and cool... Unlike that time I tried to start a new trend by cutting my hair into a "Hi-top-triangle" back in 1988... Yeah those were the days.

So I guess this will be the next chapter in my treo book.

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