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19 November 2008

A few thoughts at random...

Taking public transportation here is like riding in a limo sometimes back home. The buses run on time ALL the time, and inside is nice, clean and quiet as a church mouse! subways and trains are the same-- most of the time I end up being the loud one, if I happen to get on the train with a few friends and we're talking a bit. The second biggest train station in Nagoya is Kanayama station, and its either a 10 minute walk or a 2~3 minute bike ride from my pad (yep, I bought a used bike when I got here-- EVERYONE rides bikes to get around their neighborhood, and it's as important as owning a car is in Atlanta.)

Tonight after work I'm going to the public bath... its more like a huge spa, but for about $6 you can relax in the hot water and unwind and drink a beer or two. As you know, I don't mind being nekkid in front of other folks so it's all good. Wildly enough, I end up meeting the coolest people at sentos (public baths) and onsens (hot springs) After that, I need to go and buy a small room heater-- it's chilly as hell now, and my apartment has NO insulation around the big huge balcony sliding door that makes up one side of my room.
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