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05 November 2008


I'll say it-- For the first time in a long damn time, I actually do have hope in my country and fellow countrymen again. Over here in Japan, I was told by by students that Obama had won. See here in Japan, the polls closed at around 12 noon... So I was in the middle of a lesson. As soon as it was over, one of my students checked the internet and ran back yelling "Sensei, Sensei!!! Obama katsushitaaaaaa!!" Which means "Teacher, Teacher, Obama woooooooon!!!"

I actually got emotional, and had to try to explain to the kids around me what this meant. But this has been all over the news-- just today I woke up and watched NHK news and they dedicated 20 minutes to the American presidential race (most of it talking about Obama actually) I think the Japanese like Obama more than McCain for the same reasons that most of the world does-- He symbolizes home and change for the better. My students certainly know-- they asked me who did I vote for when I first got here. I said "Obama", and they say "yokatta na"-- "That's good isnt it?" Yes it is.

The picture BTW is of me and some fellow teachers from other schools I ran into-- some have "I <3 Obama" on their faces!!
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