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04 November 2008

Miner inconviences...

I'm sorry I've been outta touch lately y'all but please try to understand-- I am living in a country now where no one really steps outside the rules... Unlike the US where we Yanks have a large gray-zone, Japanese pride themselves on following rules to the last letter.

Right now I am waiting on them to process my Gaikokujin Toroku shomeishou, which is Japanese for "alien registration ID" or as we americans know it, Green Card.

Without this, I cant even rent a damn DVD at the movie joint across the street! I cant open a bank account, I cant get cellphone service, I cant get DSL at home, and I cant even go get my drivers license here!

This IS how its supposed to work actually in our country to by the way, but we all know it doesnt, but mostly because the bureacracy has cracks wider than the Grand Canyon. But here in Japan, the government is a ginormous machine where each cog and wheel is counted, oiled, and checked at least 200 times per day, and there's no side-stepping done. If they say it(ll be a month before you get a little plastic card that says the same exact thing as the big sticker you have in your passport, then its gonna take that long, and tough titties if it makes your life hella inconvient in the meantime.

So for now, I have to hit internet cafes, or sneak some internet time at work to communicate back home... Please dont be mad if my replies are limited...
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