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19 February 2009

School's Out For... Spring?!

2009 Farewell to 桜丘中 & 円上中
The week of February 13th marked the last week for the school year for us English teachers here in Nagoya. There are about another 16 more school days left, but its mostly tests or studying for tests, and for the 3rd year students, a time to make memories since they'll be going to high school in April. (Schools in Japan run April to March BTW, not August/September to May/June like back home in the USA.)

Because of this, I had 2 farewell speeches to give at the 2 different schools I taught at; I won't be at these schools again next school year, they'll put me somewhere else. Here are the pictures from this final week. I may not remember all their names, but I'll never forget their faces and voices.

Most of them said "Jason sensei wa sugoi impact na. wasuraranai yo!" Means, I made a major impact on their lives they'll never forget. Neither will I.

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