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07 December 2009

After reading the reviews, I really want this camera! (Lumix GH1)

I know when you make a hybrid device, something will suffer on both sides, but as long as I can compensate and quality of output is negligible, then I can tolerate almost quirk. After reading this very EXHAUSTIVE review (this guy knows his way around a camera or two!) I have to say that this is the camera I want, and will be saving for.

I found a great review of the Panasonic Lumix GH1 at a site called CameraLabs.com. After reading the very comprehensive review, I remain confident in my choice.
Again, I want the ability to shoot stills like an SLR (favorite being the Canon EOS Rebel series) *and* be able to shoot HD video like a lower professional grade camcorder (favorite here being Canon XLH1).
Again, reasons being:
  • I shoot mostly video, but want to get back to my still photography roots
  • Many times I go out shooting, I end up wanting to shoot stills AND video of the same subjects
  • I edit a magazine (www.ranmagazine.com) and although we have a staff photographer, he's so good that he travels a lot, so we need back-up sometimes, and also I am *supposed* to be the staff videographer but my videocamera is broken...
  • Carrying one device is a whole lot better than carrying 2. Also bear in mind that us pros also carry tripods, lights, mics, and more to a shoot. Carrying 1 kit is hard enough, but 2? And this is Japan and I have NO car. I ain't carryin' all that crap on the subway!
  • It's cool as hell to break out what LOOKS like a DSLR and start shooting HD video to all my video buddies. Not to mention shooting video with interchangeable lenses.
I was so inspired after reading this review, I went to Bic Camera (a VERY LARGE chain of electronics stores here in Japan) and checked it out. Unlike back in the States where expensive kit like this is under glass and would require an act of congress to get the sales guy to let you play with it for 5 minutes, in Japan ALL electronics in these stores are out on shelves (albiet tethered) beckoning you to push buttons, and twist dials. So I kicked the tires a little and was instantly sold. I played with a Canon D5, and a Nikon model as well to see if that was something I wanted.
Yes. I. Do.
Again it satisfies all the reasons I ticked off above and for one other important reason-- I'd pay double to get both a decent DLSR and proper video camera. I don't have time to save that kind of ¥!

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