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05 December 2009

2 for 1 sale at Outback

Last night was rare--I got to spend it with TWO lovely young ladies who were very lively and funny. That's Chisa on the right and her friend Mika on the left. Chisa is the DJ friend that I'm always talking about music and how she should spin it since she's starting out. Mika is her best friend from high school. Both are really cute, and really smart.
For me, it's good to just go out and have a regular night tripping out and being goofy with my friends in sombodys establishment. Back home, my friends and I would mob deep--like 8 or more people-- to applebees or outback or the movies... And just be a bunch of comedians. I miss that.
Last night, since these two had never had outback before, I introduced them to cheese fries, nachos, and the outback special. They both had a good time and want to hang out again. Isn't that why I'm here though? To have these experiences?
So why am I making a big deal outta something so innocuous, so mundane, so NORMAL? Because in Nagoya, it isn't normal--for me at least. Last week, I got stood up by a girl who INSISTED we meet for coffee. 2 weeks ago I get invited on a date only to find that it's the girl and 5 of her friends in a karaoke room all night--it was supposed to be us 2 going to the cinema.
But for me, this only happens in Nagoya. Last week I was in Yokohama/Tokyo. Even though It was unplanned, and by coincedence, on of my homegirls met me for coffee on her lunchbreak near akihabara. I met her a few months ago. In Osaka it's
Like that too--one of my friends from there took some training classes here non Nagoya, and took time outta her busy day to have dinner with me. Sounds normal--but getting Nagoya people to follow certain social rules is an uphill battle it seems.
Anybody with similar experiences or ideas? Comment!

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