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04 December 2009

Want: Good Camera that shoots stills and video. Agree?


12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

28-280mm Telephoto Kit Lens
Interchangeable Lens System Digital Camera
1080p Full HD AVCHD Camcorder
Full-HD Movie Recording in AVCHD
Compact, Mirror-Free Design
Micro four thirds interchangeable lens

Thinking about getting this camera now. I am primarily a video shooter, but my roots are stills; I was craving the smell of fixer when I was 11 years old!

My SLR was a Nikon 500-something. I got it in 1997, and someone stole it outta my house 5 years later. This year my camcorder broke while editing a music video--I was using it as a MiniDV deck; the footage was shot with an XL2 I borrowed.

So now I need both a decent still camera, and a video camera-- I like interchangeable lenses and I don't want to deal with tapes anymore... HD quality is a must too. I edit a magazine, and I also plan on doing more video content as well for it online in 2010... So I need to make a decision soon.

Even though this looks like just another DSLR, this thing also shoots 1080p at 24p... Better than the camera I had at Comcast!! I can use external mics (a must as well...) Plus its a 12.1MP DSLR camera... And its the only one I know of that can shoot those 12.1MP stills WHILE shooting 1080p VIDEO....

There goes ¥10k when I get my hands on it.... Check the vid below...

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