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10 December 2009

Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

It's so much easier now to put together an online promotional campaign
now then it was even 1 year ago. As an online media content creator,
I am expected to not only make compelling content but also help in the
marketing of it; i.e. getting eyeballs and earholes to see/hear the
site we've created.
I used to have to concentrate on getting people to want to be online
in the first place in those days. Just getting someone to visit my
site meant placing ads in trade magazines, or at the very least, doing
an email blast.
But now social sites are networking people together and all it takes
is me tweeting about our content to have eyes looking at it. Also with
content aggregation coming online, look to see your content being
syndicated across the web to other social sites either in real-time,
as a recommended post done by a bot, or by a human reposting or
retweeting your content (the best advertising is still word-of-mouth).
I've been testing this concept over the last two weeks with a service
called Posterous. I can post any content (including what you're
reading now) and it will crosspost this to my blog, my facebook page,
my linked in page, send out a tweet on Twitter about it, and more. If
I add some video, it gets posted to YouTube. Pictures get posted to
Flickr. And facebook and myspace get all media.
Best thing? I am doing most of this with my iPhone, either through
their app, or (like now) just sending a simple email to my posterous
Now I am trying to figure out the interactive points. When people
comment on my content I've syndicated everywhere, I have to check a
million sites to answer each separate comment thread about the same
content. For example, this post is on facebook and my blog at
. It's also at www.starrwulfe.info too. It also generated a tweet
about it as well. If you comment on any of the sites, I have to
moderate them separately. Plus maybe a good comment that would benefit
the readers of one site will not be seen at another. Tweets come to
me, but it'd be cool for those to be placed in the comments thread as
well. Make the conversation on all sites reflect one main
conversation going on around that one syndicated crosspost.
So if you comment about this video on facebook, it shows up also in
the comments section of the video on YouTube.com.
Does something like that exist yet? Is someone working on it? How can
I help speed THAT up?

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