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06 January 2010

Avatar > Pocahantas? Does it even matter?

OK, Ok, I get it--the storyline from James Cameron's Avatar wasn't that unique. But let's be honest. This Pocahantas type storyline has been played out in varying forms since humans could communicate a narrative to each other....

The Last Samurai
The New World
Dances With Wolves
Tristan and Isolde
Romeo and Juliet
Star Wars

In each of the above, you'll find the basic "outsider was meant to conquer, but joined the group and became a freedom fighter" storyline.

Enough. Avatar was just good dammit. F that, it was great! And I happen to LIKE these types of story-lines every so often. So it had holes in it, or was too fanciful. Uhh, newsflash, it was a story about 10 foot tall blue cat aliens on a moon orbiting a blue version of Jupiter!!

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