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06 January 2010

IT’S OFFICIAL: Google’s Nexus One Phone Revealed (and I WANT IT!)

OOOOOOOOOOODDDAAAAAAAAYYYYYUUUUUUUMMMMM!!!! Someone PLEASE confirm I can haz me some Japanese IME on this thing at launch?! I will buy one THE DAY IT HITS THE STREET and swap SIM cards with my iPhone here in Japan so fast, it'll make my head swim!! Make sure you check the video at the end as well!

The Google Phone has been officially revealed. After weeks of leaks and revelations, the search giant is finally telling the story behind its self-branded smartphone, which Google calls a “Superphone.”

In its announcement, Google brought out Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC, the creator of the hardware of the Nexus One, to explain the genesis of the phone, as well as members of the Nexus One Google team.

- The specs match previous leaks. It’s a 3.7″ AMOLED display with a trackball.

- It comes with features such as a light sensor, GPS, and accelerometer. These are all features pioneered by Apple’s iPhone.

- It’s 130 grams in weight and 11.5 mm in width, about the width of a standard #2 pencil.

- The camera is 5MP with LED flash.

- The audio has received an upgrade. It has two microphones, one of which is used for noise cancellation.

- Customization is a key to the Nexus One. There are five home screens to cusotmize your interface.

- Google showed off some of its dynamic touchscreen features of the software.. For example, one of the wallpapers is a lake with leaves. When you touch it, it will ripple. It’s quite nifty, actually.

- They worked with the team at CoolIris to visualize photons on the Nexus One in a 3D environment. If you tap on an album, you’ll be able to quickly scan and load photos. You can also tip and dip photos based on your hand motions and the accelerometer.

- Every text field is voice enabled. Every time you speak, it will process your speech into text. It gets better and better the more and more you use it.

- You’ll be able to buy the phone at the Google web store, which was leaked last week. You can find it at Google.com/Phone.

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