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19 January 2010

A deal with the Devil... WTF?!

I'm so done... Thank God, mine and his (because we OBVIOUSLY pray to 2 different gods...), that I'm waaaaaaaaaay over here in Japan, and couldn't even coincidially bump into this fool... It's people like him that make me glad I am semi-agnostic... Where does this dumb-ass get off with those comments about the Haitans making some pact with the Devil? And is it because they are decedents of slaves who overthrew their French masters, that he makes this claim? Racist biggot.

And the Dominican Republic is just as poor... The reason they're slightly more well off on that side of Hispanola is because they didn't have several years of civil war, followed by a hordes of robber barons coming through and pillaging what little is left in the last 30 years of modern history. Not to mention no one avoided it like the plauge in terms of tourism. Plus if you leave Santo Domingo, youll see poverty still. But with a stable government in place, any nation can shine eventually-- Haiti was on its way possibly. But last year's hurricane and 2010's opening quake... Well I wonder if Haiti can even survive as an independent state now.

Anyway, please quit politicizing and religlicizing this!! Just god-damned HELP THESE PEOPLE and STFU!!
Please vote in this poll that I started too--I want to know everyone's opinions on this. Either that or comment away.

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