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08 January 2010

How a Terrorist Plot Screwed Me Over. AGAIN

Here's a chat I had on Facebook with a friend returning from Kenya to Japan.  He was gonna get me some souvenirs...  But of course, Al Quida had to F that all up, didn't they...  Like they F-ed my career up in '01...  Bastards!!

I finally get to see the fam huh? you get my sandals brother? LOL
37 minutes ago · 

Friend from Kenya
Yo that kid from nigeria messed things up the sandals plus many other things were taken in dubai during security check man but my bro is coming back soon he will hook us up
19 minutes ago

Damn... Well I'm just glad you're back from home safe... Stupid ass terrorists... Again, I get F%ç†ed over by a terrorist plot though... Back in 2001, if 9/11 hadn't happened, my Reuters contract in Tokyo would've continued, and who knows where I'd be now!!
a few seconds ago ·

Yo, Terrorists...  Quit F-ing with my life on a personal level.  I wanted my G-D sandals and Tusker Beer, and more than that, I wanted to keep my job in Tokyo back in 2001!!!  FÆ€K all y'all terrorist bastards for real though... 

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