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21 January 2010

WSJ: Apple iTablet to do for Print, What iPod did for Music

Here's what the Wall Street Journal says about the "so mythical yet talked about so it has to be true" iTablet that *may* be showed off next Wednesday, 1/27:

* Focused on the home and the classroom
* Shared by multiple family members [Um, sorry sis, get yer own!]
* Apple has explored electronic textbooks
* Has virtual keyboard
* Working with print media on text content
* Working with CBS/Disney on video content
* Working with EA on video game content
* Talking with Microsoft about search and maps
* Cable/TV providers resisting giving Apple “best” content (4-6 shows per channel), would rather it be “all” content
* $1000 price point “tested” again
* iTablet UI meant to be shareable; Apple has explored “sticky notes” as a way to share messages; facial recognition as a way of knowing who’s using it
* Apple planning web-based version of iTunes called iTunes.com
* “Buy” buttons would go wide on as many websites as possible

Meanwhile that tablet (if it comes out, wink-wink) will be rockin' OS 4.0, according to various sources.

Man... Don't think I'll save much money in 2010-- I already wanted an iMac, and now there's a rumor going around talking about a 21" touchscreen-enabled iMac... Now the iTablet will come to steal some leftover ¥ too...

Damn. Guess I need a 4th job.

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