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02 February 2010

Atlanta to Host WrestleMania 27 (hellz yeah!)

While WrestleMania 26 is still nearly two months away, the WWE announced Monday that next year's event will be hosted by Atlanta, GA.  The WWE along with the Atlanta Sports Council held a press conference Monday to officially announce that WrestleMania 27 will take place at the Georgia Dome on Sunday, April 3, 2011.
This will be the first that time that the WWE spectacular will take place in Atlanta. Sunday night, the city hosted the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view at the Phillips Arena.
"We are thrilled to bring the biggest sports entertainment event in the world for the first time to the city of Atlanta in 2011. The enthusiasm of the sellout crowd at last night's Royal Rumble was just a small sample of what to expect when WrestleMania XXVII takes over Atlanta," said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. "We look forward to focusing the eyes of the world onto the great city of Atlanta and making history at the Georgia Dome."
Wrestling has been a long-time fixture in Atlanta and was a hotbed for the National Wrestling Alliance and World Championship Wrestling. The city is a natural fit for the event and it should do very well there.

Well there goes some more ¥,$, and vacation time for next year... Funny how I finally move to Japan, and NOW all these major events that I wanted to have happen in my own backyard are FINALLY happening?! I missed the MLB All-Star Game being in my hometown, St. Louis in '09; even though ATL is my home now, I'd have driven back there to at least have the experience... But say what you will about wrasslin'-- Its watched around the world, loved by its fans (including some die-hard fans here in Japan that don't mind paying ¥50,000 [US$510] for a seat... and not a very good one even!) And now WRESTLEMANIA will be in the Georgia Dome!! Well looks like I'll be making my visit back home this time next year one week longer... I'm getting tix the first day they come out!!! Hellz yeah!!

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