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23 February 2010

BloomBox = Be your own power plant (video)

Wow. I mean WOW. This man is the Thomas Alva Edison of the 21st century if this can really happen. KR isn't trying to get rich--he's trying to remake society.

Think about this--every conflict in the world right now, is a battle over resources. Mostly oil. This thing can run on biofuel, natural gas, even solar.

Imagine going to Home Depot, Kahma, or Wal-Mart and getting one of these. Imagine getting a small brick that powers your car... on a tank of natural biofuel... and not calculating miles per gallon, but miles per month on one fill up? How about something simple... like laptops and cellphones. just replace a small fuel cartridge every week. This tech is SCALEABLE.

Wednesday, 2/24, the details will go public on their website.

Also, I predict GOOGLE to buy this guy's company in a year or few... LOL... Maybe... ??
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