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04 May 2010

1992 Benzo 500SL

It's not mine, it's my buddy Larry's.  Perfect example of a well taken of right hand drive '92 500SL here in Nagoya. This car is actually an open-car convertible seen here with the hardtop mounted.  Take that 70 lb. top off, and there's a soft top that'll handle the rain in between summertime duty as a 2 seat roadster.  

Changes done include electric retractable --> SLK shorty antenna retrofit, body color painting of the grille, clear lenses for turn signals and side markers, and up-to-date Carrozzeria head unit for use with iPhone...  Don't worry-- he's getting rims in due time.

It's true, Japanese people take care of stuff a little better than us Yanks, but if you knew the hell that is the Japanese car inspection process, you'd keep your stuff in order too...  I'm going through it right now with a ride I just bought...  Put it this way-- I've been to the inspection center twice, the police station and city office once.  I have to hit all 3 places (hopefully) one more time before I'm done.  Wish me luck!  

Next, I'll show you my ride -- currently sitting in the parking lot with no tags...  Can't stick a license plate on it 'til its registered, and that'll happen in 2 weeks.... I pray. 


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