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04 May 2010

光インタネットも付けてた。Got some FIBER in my diet...

Just got FTTH 光インタネット (that's fiber optic internet to the English speaking boys & girls) installed. Something that I can't even imagine having in the US in Atlanta right now.

Currenty I'm pulling these speeds thru the WiFi in my apartment... TO MY IPHONE. HA.

Mind you, this is from here in Japan, to Palo Alto, California USA.

When I was back home, I had to make do with a pokey DSL line that was on-again-off-again constantly whenever the wind blew. I think the greatest speed I got was a paltry 1 megabit burst with about 700kbps sustained... on a good day. Mind you I was paying $65/month for that. Ick...

That same amount of yen here in Japan gets me a FIBER OPTIC LINE that yields between 8-10 MEGABITS PER SECOND.
To illustrate this, imagine downloading a CD full of songs in MP3 format... about 200MB.
My old connection took about 1 hr to do it. If it didn't give up halfway.
This connection did it in the time it took me to write, format, and post this blog post-- 8 minutes. DAYUM!

So even though I'm in Japan, I'm about to be a HULU watching FOOL! oh and I still kept my Netflix account open so I can watch streaming movies that way too... Guess I'll watch Avatar for the 3921st time... Holla.

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