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08 June 2010

Where am I going to get my BLEACH fix now?

Crap. As y'all know, I live here in Japan, home of the best stuff on TV, Anime. My favorite anime for the past 4 years, Bleach, is shown here on TV Aichi at 6pm every Tuesday... But when I can't make it to the TV at that time, I count on DB to hook up a fansub and stick it on the interwebs in tasty torrented goodness... I also managed to stack a good 12 gig worth of all 273 episodes to date. Can I count on crunchyroll to give me the great subbing I count on here every week??

below is via dattebayo.com

Crunchyroll Does Not Force DB to Drop Bleach


As most of you are probably aware, Crunchyroll has recently acquired the rights to simulcast Bleach. As we previously stated, DB will therefore be dropping the project. We will release one more episode so that our staff can say goodbye to one of our favorite shows, and so we can conclude the project with having subbed 225 total episodes of Bleach. This means that Bleach 274 will be DB's last episode of Bleach.

Please note that Crunchyroll did not in any way force, coerce, recommend, or suggest that we drop Bleach. DB has in fact not had any communication directly with Crunchyroll regarding this issue or any other. We are dropping Bleach because we support legal alternatives to fansubs and we hope you will too. As with Naruto, the best way to make sure this service is giving you what you want is to give it a chance and then send your feedback to Crunchyroll and to Viz, preferably framed in as polite as a way as you can manage so they might actually listen to you.

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