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18 August 2010


Looks like Facebook is making it's push into JapanLand in earnest now...  

If you want the most attention as an internet site in Japan, you NEED a mobile presence.  Twitter didn't gain traction until they got with the program....  

Who would have thought that Twitter would have become such a huge hit in Japan – well it has and this is evident from the millions who mumble online. The reason why people are shocked at Twitter’s popularity in this country is because another social networking site already tried its luck there – Facebook.
It is no secret that Japanese are busy people, so it was no wonder that Twitter would become a hit. Twitter offered its Japanese service back in 2008 and since then has become popular with the younger generation. Then it was October 2009 when Twitter released its mobile version in Japan, this opened the micro-blogging site up to a much bigger market.
Twitter has become a huge part of Japanese life, being used on TV shows, in schools where students are taught how to tweet, and all the latest Celebes in the country are also tweeting. According to Yuri Kageyama from the Canadian Press, 16.3 percent of Internet users in Japan are said to be using Twitter – that’s compared to 9.8 percent in the U.S.
Twitter has managed to do what Facebook could not, but the micro-blogging site now has to battle Mixi. However, both social networking services are running neck-and-neck.
From Product Reviews Net-- http://j.mp/9fXU3A

So now it seems Facebook is throwing its weight into the mobile space.  Can it work?  Well 6 months ago Twitted got with the Japanese Mobile Consortium and overhauled it's mobile site... 80% of Japanese twitter users are using a mobile to tweet, y'know.  Let's see if Facebook can hook it up...  They already support emoji BTW! ♥☀☁

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