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12 September 2010

Condolences to everyone who suffered during 9/11. We'll never forget.

Also Just want to say to all the non-violent, non-preachy, sane and resolute Muslims out there, Happy Ramadan. This boy in the picture is the reason I wish I was still a kid at times. Children everywhere can seem to find the real unfiltered beauty in life.

This was an act that I'm still not sure who created-- Some weird-beard from Saudi Arabia and Al Queda, or our own CIA/Illuminati... Who knows.

All I know is there is STILL a hole in the ground, where my PATH station used to be, the view from Newport Mall and my house in Jersey City, NJ as a kid is STILL gone, and nothing but accusations, and finger-pointing. Meanwhile life elsewhere has gone on.

People, open your eyes and look around. Religion means squat when it comes to these things. Follow the money, and you'll turn up culprits every time.

Like I have been saying these past 9 years-- WAKE UP.

BTW, thank GOD that wacko in Florida decided NOT to burn Korans... Guess he found out "Freedom of Speech" also means "Freedom To Get Your Ass Whooped"

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