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28 September 2010

An Open Letter to US (and Japanese) Law Enforcement

Other people charged in connection with “Operation Shockwave” are Steven Lamont Lowe, 35, Carla Criswell, 27, Dalton Morrow, 30, and Jason Matthew Gatewood, 31, all of Bowling Green.

Morrow, who was arrested Dec. 9, has been charged with five counts of possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine. Gatewood, who was arrested Feb. 3, has been charged with one count each of trafficking in crack cocaine, using a firearm in a drug trafficking crime and convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Their cases are pending.

I better not go home and find someone using my name to commit crimes!!

Dear US Law Enforcement & Courts Officials:

Please get and keep your paperwork RIGHT!!

In 2004, I spent a night in St Louis County Jail in my hometown, St Louis Missouri because SOMEONE got my information from a speeding ticket I paid 2 years prior, mixed up with some fool who had reckless driving, DUI, and a bench warrant on his record. The cop who pulled me over even said "I don't think you're the type who comes from Humboldt County, Missouri..." I don't even know where the hell that is, and I'm pretty sure not one Black person lives wherever that is... Even so, he was bound by law to take me in and have the judicial system do its thing...

Even now, my MOM is going through hell trying to get a passport because the State Department has her mixed up with some lady that committed check forgery in California back in 1993... Never mind the fact that we moved from L.A. in 1992.... And the crime in question here is IDENTITY THEFT. WTF?! Who's the victim here?

Now I know solving crimes is a hard job, and is VERY DANGEROUS. Those of you that work hard to protect and serve, and DO IT CORRECTLY (i.e. by using sound judgement, upholding everyone's constitutional rights, not on the "dole", not arbitrarily harassing, intimidating or just whooping some ass because you hate someone of another race, sexual orientation, religion, or just on GP because you're a dick) --if this is you, then GOD BLESS YOU, and PLEASE BE SAFE OUT THERE. But since 1% of y'all are the opposite of all this, then please note the following:

For the last 2 years, I've been in NAGOYA JAPAN. I am NOT this guy from Bowling Green. Please do NOT stop me and ask me about drugs, guns, or anything else that this dude may have been a party to. I am NOT him. We just share the same name (and my middle name is different to boot)

Thank You.

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