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12 October 2010

Man - Nagoya state of mind [MUSIC PV}

All my ATLiens, and Derrrtys from the Lou wanna know whats up with this city called Nagoya I happen to be in... They've heard of Tokyo, and maybe even Osaka... But Nag-Town ain't even on the map... Even with it's 5 million living in Aichi Prefecture, 2.3 million in the city limits... At least my pops knew this is where Toyota is based...
This is where I stay right now. The N. Nag dayo.
...Not exactly as fire as the ATL in some ways, but it's still fly in its own way...

So sit back and relax as Man tells y'all about the city you've never heard of in Japan.
After 2 years and some change here... Well I know all the streets in this video, and take both those subways everyday... You might squint towards the end and see me maybe....maybe not. But it wouldn't surprise me.

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