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09 December 2009

Japan is Beautiful: 彩ちゃんの成人式の着物

There's a holiday in January called 成人式 or Coming-Of-Age Day.  People who will turn 20 in the next year all celebrate that fact  they'll be legally adults here in Japan soon on this day and wear fancy kimono (mostly girls and some guys) or sharp western suits (most guys)

This is my friend Ayaka here, who you'd never believe she's as young as she is-- She is as smart as she is cute, and is responsible for getting me interested in modern Japanese literature again, since she's an admitted bookworm.  She kind of reminds me of Yomiko Readman from Read or Die (Library Wars) but only my bros Tony and Brian will get that.

She put it on a little early so they can take the pictures at the hotel early and have a test fitting.  Her mom wore this kimono 28 years ago, she says.  Still in good condtion, a real family heirloom.  I wonder if she has a daughter, will she pass it down as well? 

Again, I think there are few more beautiful sights than a woman in kimono.  Reason #3 why Japan is my kind of place.

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