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08 December 2009

Kodak 1080p Zi8 pocket HD camcorder=Camera 2!

So I'm thinking, since i'll be getting the Lumix GH1 as a primary cam, I'll need another camera I can set up to give me wide shots, or to be the B-cam on shoots where I need 2 cameras... A flip-cam is a good deal at $160 a pop.. Shoots 1080p, and Kodak's version has external mic input and SD card slot for expanded memory... Y'all see where my mind is going yet?

Check out this cat from the UK, Adam Westbrook-- He's on my same brain wave here I think.  His video review is below, but also visit his site, adamwestbrook.wordpress.com, where he talked about the capabilities this new class of camera brings.  Folks, this is broadcast quality 1080p HD video in 3.2 ounces, no bigger than your kid's Gameboy.  I remember 12 years ago working at WGNX (now WGCL) in Atlanta and they made a big deal out of buying a few cameras that were $30,000 each to shoot HD.  Even 3 years ago I purchased a camera (well Comcast did for my department anyway) that shot 720p at 60fps and it was about $4000.  Amazing.  Just like musicians and sound engineers have studios that fit in a suitcase, I can actually have an HD ready kit that can shoot and stream LIVE via the internet using tools like Ustream.tv or LiveStream.tv now; forget the ENG trucks and portable switchers, and such. 

Looks like I'll be all set with the plans I have for this coming summer here in Japan... Stay Tuned...


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