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08 September 2010

4-Year-Old Contracts Herpes After Used Condom Incident

My buddy's 4-year-old nephew contracted oral herpes from a dirty condom that he mistook for a balloon. The condom was found in a hotel room the family had just checked into. Why was the room not cleaned THOROUGHLY before they checked in?
Not sure where the tyke found it in the room-- if it was found under the bed, I could maybe understand a little; usually the staff is given only 20 minutes to completely change a room out between guests-- who'd put something under the bed? why would it get dirty? However every other place should get checked.
My prayers go to the family. He doesn't have the STD version, but this does mean that he won't be kissing anyone.... Does oral herpes go away, or is there a cure? Nope. Just like the other STD version, its always there--he'll just be having breakouts from now on... Yikes. I hope they sue the $#¡† out of the Wyndham Hotel chain.
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